work asynchronously
with voice and video messages.

record and share voice notes, screen shares and videos to your existing Slack workspace or team, with zero extra setup.
working async.minutes is an asychronous communication tool, through which you can share a voice note or screen recording to your teammates. you and your team can communicate according to your time and headspace.
voice and video.minutes has voice, screen and camera recording. select the type of recording you want to do and click record – it's that simple. after recording, you'll have the option to send the message to people in your team.
zero extra connecting your slack account, you'll have all your exisiting slack teammates available to chat without any extra setup. when sending a message, minutes will send them the voice/video on slack.
not just that.all messages sent on minutes are ephemeral, and they expire after 48 hours, so you can always keep a clean and peaceful inbox and still get work done. and you can see and play all the messages you've sent and received directly on minutes.