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meetings made
for remote teams.

send voice and video messages to communicate asynchronously, on your time.Apple logo iconcurrently only on macOS

minutes lives in
your menubar.

It's non-obstructive to what you're working on and lets you play and send messages from right where you are.
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how to
get started.

  • 1Start an async meeting.
    Set a concise meeting title. It defines purpose, sets the tone, and aligns team expectations.
  • 2Send a voice or video message.
    Record your thoughts instead of lengthy messages. It's quicker, more personal, and reduces misunderstandings.
  • 3End the meeting once done.
    End the meeting post-discussion. It organizes your workspace and archives meetings for future reference.

thewhy async

  • You hate sitting in long meetings
  • You like getting more hours to do focused work
  • You enjoy working from anywhere, or anytime.
  • You want to spend more time on your personal life
  • You don't want to worry about syncing across timezones
  • You hate getting interrupted while working
  • You're made for async!
  • You've got to try Minutes!
  • You'll love working async!
  • You'll love Minutes!
  • You will enjoy async work
  • You should try async


per userper month
  • Create unlimited async meetings
  • Invite unlimited number of members
  • No limits on screen and audio recordings
  • Archived storage for old meetings
  • Upto 3 meetings
  • Add upto 3 members
  • No meetings archive
  • Limits on recording length